Why Eat Raw & Living Foods?

Raw and living foods are the key to our health and longevity. They allow our bodies to perform as they were meant to. Raw foods have been around for a very long time, long meaning forever. “In the beginning there was the raw food diet and it was good.” The harnessing of fire didn’t make raw foods obsolete, it merely added variety and a certain level of safety for questionable food sources that require cooking. The question should be asked though, “if you have to cook it to eat it, should you eat it?”

There’s a whole class of creatures who have successfully been thriving on raw foods since the beginning of time. These creatures don’t prematurely age and don’t fall victim to a host of degenerative diseases. These creatures are animals in the wild. We have to make the distinction between wild animals and domesticated animals because domesticated animals are one group that share our tendency towards aging and degenerative diseases. This seems to be a case of guilt by association in that domesticated animals share a cooked food diet with their owners and thus share their “diseases of civilization”.

Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, cancer… the list goes on and even grows each day as doctors and technicians categorize new names for seemingly new diseases. Are there really any new diseases out there? Cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes have become common place in the industrialized world. This is in part due to a diet of predominantly processed and denatured foods. Cooked and processed foods are void of vital nutrients and enzymes. The consumption of these inferior foods eventually leads to deficiencies in the body which result in disease. There is an easy solution. By increasing the amount of raw and living foods in ones diet you can potentially halt or reverse disease and slow the aging process, may be even add some greens supplement to your diet. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, wasn’t kidding when he said, “let food be thy medicine.”

Fasting Your Way to Health

Fasting is the oldest of all healing practices and the healing modality of choice in the animal kingdom. The idea of “feeding a cold and starving a flu” becomes folklore nonsense when you start looking at the systems of the body in a logical manner. Foods require energy to be digested properly and when a person is sick they need to conserve their energy for healing. Pure water and fresh juices are ideal for healing people when they are both sick and well. Yes, you can heal yourself when you are not “sick”. “Sick” is just an outward appearance of an internal condition.

Our bodies are constantly dealing with potential conditions of sickness. It’s only when we are really worn down (illness) or when we are extremely well nourished (cleansing reaction) that the body shows outward signs of sickness. There’s no need to wait until you’re sick though to use fasting to heal the body. Most people never give their bodies a vacation from food except when they’re forced to by sickness. Periodic voluntary fasting can prevent forced fasting caused by sickness. And when you’re not fasting, eating a diet made up of predominantly hydrating whole foods can keep the systems of the body running optimally.

Sometimes juice fasting is too extreme for a beginner so we tend to start people out on a juice “feast”. Feasting puts no limits on the amount of fresh juice one can drink during the course of a day. This is especially useful if you need to continue your daily and weekly tasks while juicing. A person can still get the benefits of hydration, mineralization and optimization of weight while juice feasting. Detoxification of the body will also occur but on a less dramatic scale than if you were to completely take it easy.

While juice feasting a person will still experience fluctuations in energy levels and mild cleansing reactions. Though a person may continue their weekly tasks they should take great care to respect the signals their body is sending them. It’s best to back of the intensity and amount of tasks done in a day when juice feasting to accommodate cleansing and detox. The ideal way to experience juice fasting is to set time aside completely devoted to juicing and healing. This is considered a true juice fast.